Vilous Fan Character Pin Set - Series 1

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These four cuties have been selected for the first of our Fan Character Set. These beautifully hand painted 2" enamel pins fully illustrate these adorable characters to highlight the diversity in our wonderful world of Vilous! These will make a great addition to any collection!

Characters Featured:

  • Charcoal the Sergal
  • Krysune the Sergal
  • Phi the Neverean
  • Shizame the Nevrean

Product Features

  • 4 2" Enamel Pins, Exclusively designed for BoldKobold by community artist Vesper Arts / Vinyanko
  • Featuring Charcoal, Krysune, Phi & Shizame's OCs 
  • Hand painted with Vilous logo embossed on the back of the pins with locking backs
  • Imported

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