The Wedge - Dondoko Burger Poster -- 24x32 Poster

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Walking down the streets of Goldring you feel your stomach rumble, perhaps now would be a good time to stop for lunch. But the question is what to get? You could get a Goldringer, but that doesn't sound savory enough, no, you want a full meal. Something meaty, hearty, to fill you up.

Then the poster catches your eye. "The Wedge" with a picture of a delicious Dondoko burger, and suddenly you know exactly what your taste buds crave.

Art is by the talented Vinicus Hembecker aka "Vesper" who has helped bring a little bit of the Vilous advert to life.
  • Official Vilous Merchandise from the world of Mick Ono
  • Designed by Talented Artist Vinicus Hembecker "Vesper" 
  • 24 x 32 Standard poster size!
  • Printed in the USA

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