Mick Ono - "Northern Skirmishers" - 9"x12" Metallic Print

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These high quality 9" x 12" Metallic Prints of Mick Ono's "Northern Skirmishers" make for an excellent addition to any art collection, perfect for accenting any space.

Race: Northern Sergals
Gender: Any
Place: Northern lands of Tal - A rocky, grassy, plains-like area located on a range next to the Eastern part of Astna from the Southern part of the Thekan region
Timeline: After year 28 of the Rain-Calendar, after the Shigu conquered Reono.

Here we have two Northern Sergals in armor, hiding in the shadows of the rocks in order to see what’s happening on the other side after they were pursued by some kind of Talyxian wildlife.

The Sergal at the bottom left can be considered to be a regular member of the Shigu army, due to the type of red tattoo they are sporting and is most likely to be a squad leader or some sort of an appropriate rank.

Because the distance between squads is quite open and vast, across wide ranges of land, when Sergals assume a scatter or dispersal tactic, it is assumed that they have lost contact with the other squads while tending to their wounded. The reason behind the injury is thought to be an attack by a Talyxian wild boar, which is one of the choices for their food sources, or other kinds of wildlife creatures which could be within their food source range. An alternative situation to their predicament, could very well be that they were caught up in a chain of continuous explosions caused by Odei out in the fields and suffered from shrapnel injuries and/or burns.

Though Thekan is a home to a number of characteristic, sessile Talyxian organisms including Odei, apart from those dangers, the biomes have a comparatively low mutability ratio and are generally static in nature. Due to this, these areas were one of the main places used to forage food that supplies the Shigu army after they had conquered Reono. This is partly because of the background in which the Shigu Kingdom was having major restrictions imposed on agriculture and the use of salt during this period.