Mick Ono - "Luxury Nap at Gold Ring Palace" - 9"x12" Metallic Print

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These high quality 9" x 12" Metallic Prints of Mick Ono's "Luxury Nap at Gold Ring Palace" make for an excellent addition to any art collection, perfect for accenting any space.

This is a Southern Sergal living near the Eltus garden or coast in the modern Gold Ring. Because of the presence of the green plants, this would be near the Eltus plant garden in the central city of Gold Ring, or near the coast of ColVilous Salk Lake. The Sergal may be originated from the lineage of the Bloodstones (it means their parent are a part of Bloodstones but the Sergal themselves maybe not a pure Bloodstone due to their fur hues). They may usually spend their time within a palace and not like to go outside.