Jakk and Quu - Sweet Dreams Slumber Party Dakimakura

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This product features our most beloved, illustrious, precious boys, Jakk the male Sergal and Quu the male Nevrean! Enjoy a relaxing time together with these two characters sleeping restfully in their lovely pajamas and sweet dreams!

Also, be sure to take a look at the extra cameos which appear in the form of small items in their respective environments, each representing relation to the both of them! There is a cushion with a caricatured artwork of General Rain Silves displayed in Jakk’s part, as well as a white fuzzy plush of The Fluffy! Also, a little plushie modeled after Yun Yagili, the female Nevrean, is being held by Quu! In addition, there are also cushions that display some Talyxian creatures, dondokos and T-hamsters, depicted in a humorous style around Quu! They are examples of popular Talyxian animals among Vilous fans!

We hope that they will provide you with a fun and comfortable time, lovely Vilous fans!

***Product Information***

Pillow not included, this 160 cm pillow cover is decorated with a set of two artworks, over its front and back. Please note that this product does not provide an independent daki for each character (Quu and Jakk) the artwork displays.

Also, this product is strictly SFW. We will not be providing a NSFW version of this product.

Designed by Vilous Creators Kiki CR & Mick Ono